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EIGRP Part 9: The Null0 Interface And The AD5

Now we have this summary-route in here to Null0 which is also called the bit bucket. Basically it’s a road to nowhere. It’s a way to get rid of certain packets. So you look at this and you think “well why am I getting rid of certain pac

EIGRP Part 8: Route Summarization

Now we’ve got the usual EIGRP network set up here. 123 over the cloud, 23 over the ethernet segment between R2 & R3. But what I don’t have on this diagram, are seven loopbacks, and I just didn’t want to draw seven lines and sque

EIGRP Part 7: The Metric Weighs and Goodbye messages

The Metric Weighs EIGRP uses the metric weights to determine how much importance to give a particular value when calculating route metrics. The k-values, in order: K1: bandwidth K2: load K3: delay K4: reliability K5: MTU By default, EIGRP takes bandw

EIGRP Part 6: Autosummarization and Passive Interfaces

The Perils of Autosummarization EIGRP once had a pesky little default behaviour called autosummarisation. The future is no longer on by default, but it can be enabled, so we need to be aware of it. Autosummarization occurs when routes are advertised

EIGRP Part 5: Feasible And Reported Distances (FD & RD), Feasibility, Variance and Administrative Distances

The Feasible And Reported Distances We’ve been working with the typology table for a while now, and you’ve certainly taken notice of the two numbers in parenthesis following each next-hop IP address. and we’re using this particular netw

EIGRP Part 4: DUAL Queries and the EIGRP RID, Packet Types and Adjacencies, Timers and Adjacencies

DUAL Queries and the EIGRP RID We love redundancy. We love backup paths. We love backup routes. We love backups of our data. We love having backups of everything. But every once in a while we’re going to have a situation where we may have a pri

EIGRP Part 3: Variance lab and Wildcard Mask Lab

Unequal-Cost Load Balancing Lab (Variance Lab 1) One simple magic word enables unequal-cost load balancing in EIGRP, and that is variance. Typing this word is the easy part – it’s the number that follows the word that we have to be careful with.

EIGRP Part 2: The Broadcast Network Build

We’re about to add that Fast Ethernet segment between R2 and R3  to our EIGRP deployment. You see here we’ve already got the loopbacks in, we have the NBMA network. I’ve already checked connectivity over the Fast Ethernet inter